Every day’s a gift.

Unwrap it. Look at what it might hold. CHOOSE to live out every second of it with joy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is not always easy… Especially in these uncertain times we are experiencing RIGHT NOW!

So, what MUSIC have we got supporting us through this season of uncertainty?

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life. Growing up, Dad was always playing his favourite playlist on loud-speakers that he had wired throughout the house! (Seriously, there was no getting away from it!… Luckily, he has great taste!) My whole family LOVES to share music, my parents were in a band called ‘The Booze Band’ – very apt! and my brother is a DJ. When my friends from University would visit me at my parents house they would always leave with 2 things in their hand… a bottle of wine (whichever Dad had noticed was their favourite of course)… and a CD copy of Dad’s current favourite playlist!

Why? Because Dad loves to share how music can make people feel, how our stories can be shared and celebrated through it, and how it can be our hearts compass North when we sometimes need it most.

When I started Got 2 Sing Choir it was more than getting people together to sing. My dream was to create a community of people who wanted to sing in a playlist of ALL the seasons of life together. Support each other, share, sing, nurture, grow and most importantly… love.

We work hard at Got 2 Sing Choir because we LOVE the gift of music. Although our gift isn’t able to come to you in its usual shape and size at the moment, we trust it is just as precious, because it comes from the same hearts.

Thank you for ALL of your support and understanding at this time. We truly value every single one of you.

Beth Dunn – Founder & Wolverhampton and Stourbridge Choir Leader