Thank you Got 2 Sing Choir for being a major part of my support system right now…lockdown on your own can be lonely but singing keeps us connected so much!

Got 2 Sing Online Choir

Thank you to the wonderful people who make up the Got 2 Sing team and all you incredible choir leaders for keeping the Got 2 Sing Choir family together through such difficult times.

Got 2 Sing Online Choir

Joining this choir has given me my confidence back which I have hidden for a long time. When I started singing I suddenly felt alive and happy for the first time in months. Cathy, your energy, love and commitment is infectious and wish it could be spread around the world ❤️

Singing is my happy place!

I sang, I laughed, I made friends.  That was the best feeling ever!

Barry, Got 2 Sing Choir Lichfield

That was above and beyond my expectations… I can’t wait to come back!

Tom, Got 2 Sing Choir Lichfield

I’m so pleased Got 2 Sing Choir has finally come to Droitwich!  This is life changing.  Loved every minute of it.

Maggie, Got 2 Sing Choir Droitwich

Everyone was so welcoming I just dived straight in.  Thank you!  This is brilliant!

Peter, Got 2 Sing Choir Redditch

Not had that much fun in a really long time!  What a fantastic choir!

Got 2 Sing Choir Redditch

Top notch teaching and lots of laughter!  LOVED IT!

Laura, Got 2 Sing Choir Sutton Coldfield

Excellent choir and great people…  I surprised myself and sang my socks off!

Joan, Got 2 Sing Choir Sutton Coldfield

A warm welcome and a GREAT night out! Thank you.

Got 2 Sing Choir Droitwich

WOW!! That was fast paced, high energy and full of fun!  What a night!

Sally, Got 2 Sing Choir Redditch

Got2Sing has made such a difference to my voice, my outlook, my confidence – my life! Singing with such a fantastic group is the highlight of my week I’d recommend joining to anyone!

Hannah, Got 2 Sing Stourbridge

I wanted to personally thank you and your helpers for all the hard work and everything you do for us guys here at Bromsgrove Choir every week.

I’m proud so be part of a great, fun-loving team of people. It really is inspiring to hear you sing and I’m grateful that we have such a professional and approachable leader.

Every single week I look forward to learning new techniques to improve my voice. I feel as though I’ve come such a long way already!! But overall the best thing is the positive, bright and no-pressure atmosphere which wouldn’t be possibly without your guidance. Thank you!

Elliot, Got 2 Sing Choir Bromsgrove

My sister and I really love choir and get so much out of coming each week. Your enthusiasm is infectious – and the sessions are fun and friendly. You have such a beautiful voice and make the weekly sessions such fun and enjoyable for everyone. When we all sing together it is hugely emotional and uplifting. I never thought that being part of a choir could make you feel so good!!

Thank you for running our choir! Onwards and up!!

Diane and Yvonne, Got 2 Sing Choir Bromsgrove

Thank you Got2Sing, without you I wouldn’t have met my dear friend! It truly is a family full of fantastic people where life-long friendships have been formed and I love being part of it.

Hilary – Got 2 Sing Choir, Stourbridge

It always seems busy at the end of events so a quick email to say thank you for your humour, enthusiasm, support and guidance. I love being part of G2S and it’s helped my confidence enormously. I couldn’t have performed to an audience a year ago but I’m getting there (I think!).

Lynne, Wellington, Got 2 Sing Choir Telford

Got2sing has been a huge part of my recovery from depression and it will continue to be so. I wish I could shout it from the stalls. Thank you does not seem enough. Even though at times when
I may not have felt like laughing, it was your infectious laughter and that of everyone else around me that made me smile and laugh. For 2 hours each week I can forget my pain and darkness. ………Thank you.

T, Got 2 Sing Stourbridge Member

Becoming a member of a choir has brought joy to my life. I love to sing in the shower but I never dreamed I would be singing in the Birmingham Symphony Hall or on tour in Dublin! Since joining Got2Sing I have gained confidence in performing, hopefully improved my singing voice, and made many friends. Our rehearsals, which I look forward to every week, are fun and entertaining and prepare us for the many sing outs and concerts we perform during the year.

Barbara, Bromsgrove – Got 2 Sing Stourbridge Choir

I can’t read music, I’ve never sung before – but WOW I love Got 2 Sing! I never thought I could learn so much and become a good strong singer – but I have. Thanks for all the fun and lessons.

Penny – Got 2 Sing Stourbridge Choir

A group vocal lesson taught with so much energy and fun! My voice has improved so much – I’m now singing songs that I only dreamed I could. Absolutely love G2S – thanks for everything!

Jane – Got 2 Sing Wolverhampton Choir

The Choir is a lovely thing to be part of and we are lucky as we happen to have an excellent teacher!

Caroline, Got 2 Sing Choir Cheltenham

It is a great, fun evening and your choir leader is fab. She really knows how to deliver a harmony with no sheet music !! Amazing xxx

Sarah, Got 2 Sing Choir Gloucester

I really don’t know what I did before I did this. I’m so happy and proud to belong to Got 2 Sing, it just keeps getting better and
better and better and ………..thank you!!

Richard, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

I joined Got2Sing two years ago and haven’t looked back. I have always loved to sing, but the opportunities that Got2Sing have offered to the choir to perform songs and pass on our love of singing is amazing. I have met so many lovely people, we have a laugh each Tuesday forgetting everything else that has happened that day and just enjoying a good sing. Thank you everyone involved may it long continue and grow.

Jane, Penn – Got 2 Sing Choir Wolverhampton

What I like is making friends and having fun. I’m a newbie and everyone was so nice!

Ellie, Aged 12. Got 2 Sing Youth Choir

The perfect blend of teaching and fun. A few hours a week to be yourself. Beth makes learning so much fun. Glorious harmonies and strong voices! Best thing I’ve ever done.

Gill – Got 2 Sing Wolverhampton Choir

It’s just fab! Great songs in 3 part harmony – I never thought I’d be part of such a wonderful choir but my confidence is growing weekly!

Julie, Got 2 Sing Choir Telford

Got 2 Sing is fab! I leave on such a high every week! I’m so proud to be part of a choir with such wonderful people!

Kate, Got 2 Sing Choir Telford

The choir brings so much joy to my life. I’ve made so many new friends and love our local performances. Joining has been the best thing I’ve done!

Alison, Got 2 Sing Choir Shrewsbury

Simply the highlight of my week! Just what the doctor ordered. An evening of laughter, fun and singing. Love the relaxed friendly environment!

Janet, Got 2 Sing Choir Shrewsbury

I love singing in the concerts and rehearsals are fun and always a good laugh. Beth and Theresa are lovely and the choir sounds great!

Katie, Aged 15 Got 2 Sing Youth Choir

From my first taster session I was made to feel so, so welcome I just had to go back.If you are worried about being the new member as I was, fear not, you will be making a great addition to your week; we sing, dance and laugh our way through every rehearsal – then we go down to the pub and do it all over again!Thank you to all of my new Got 2 Sing friends for making each week special xx

Annie, Got 2 Sing Choir Hereford

Got 2 Sing Hereford has been a lifeline at a very difficult time of my life. The friendliness of all the choir members, and just singing, kept me going.

Kate, Got 2 Sing Choir Hereford

A BIG THANK YOU for making practice so much FUN!! If your having a bad week there is always Choir to look forward to.

Deborah, Got 2 Sing Choir Hereford

I come to Youth Choir to make friends and to sing! The social events are amazing and everyone should join us! Everyone!

Sammy Aged 10, Got 2 Sing Youth Choir

What Brilliant fun that was! I am very proud to be part of this wonderful group of people.

Graham, Peterchurch – Got 2 Sing Choir Hereford

Never heard Got 2 Sing Hereford before –Amazing–will definately go again -well worth going to see people xx

Sandra, Got 2 Sing Hereford Summer Spectacular. 07.07.13

Well what can i say about Got 2 Sing. Thursday evenings don’t come around quick enough for me. I Love this choir with a passion its so exciting! we sing great songs,perform in some fabulous locations and get to meet some lovely people , I feel so lucky to have joined Got 2 Sing its the high light of my week. I would recommend to anyone to join. I Got 2 sing and would like to say a GREAT BIG Thank you to Beth and everyone else involved xx

Kathryn, Got 2 Sing Choir Wolverhampton

The excitement is infectious. One of the best decisions I ever made was joining your wonderful choir, so many fabulous opportunities are coming our way all the time. Thank you so much for coming into our lives, gosh I’m getting quite emotional now! And just realised its my one year anniversary this month of being in the choir. Here’s to many more!

Helen, Got 2 Sing Choir Wolverhampton

I joined the Shrewsbury choir on it’s first week and quite simply can’t get enough of it, it has been an incredible experience so far and just gets better.
Got 2 Sing gives us the perfect mix of learning techniques alongside learning the songs. It’s fun and inspires us all, I feel I learn something new every week which is exactly what I wanted from joining.
Meeting new people and making new friends has been a wonderful enhancement to my choir experience. The perfect mix of fun, laughter and learning all from an incredibly talented leader~ perfect!

Kerrie, Moel – Got 2 Sing Choir Shrewsbury

Just to say thank you for my fabulous lungs!! Had a spiromatry test and found that I have the lung function of someone 20 years younger than me,absolutely thanks to the breathing exercises we do at choir and to the wonderful singing. Thanks again!

Margaret, Kidderminster – Got 2 Sing Stourbridge Choir

Everyone made me feel so welcome and I realised that this was something very special.I’ve gained a huge new family and met so many wonderful people. It’s changed my life and made me realise that I can still do some of the things I dreamed off doing before I became ill. It’s helped with my speech, confidence, everything. I cannot express enough what a joy it is to be part of Got 2 Sing and the extended family it has become.

Sarah, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

I love the group singing, my voice has improved and I have made lots of new friends. It’s fabulous and I can’t thank Beth and her family enough.

Amanda, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

Best night of my week! Releases all the stresses and strains of everyday life! Brilliant fun!

Sue, Got 2 Sing Choir Telford

I must say that joining Got 2 Sing has cheered my life up! Best thing I’ve done!

Pam, Got 2 Sing Choir Hereford

It is the highlight of my week and I’ll do anything not to miss it. At last, I’m not just a wife or mother – I can just be me and do something for myself. I have made friends which have become my new family and I have a new-found confidence. I come home on such a high from all the laughter and singing that it takes me 2 hrs to wind down!

Vikki, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

What a way to spend a Wednesday evening! A really friendly crowd having a lot of fun but with Beth’s skill and enthusiasm also managing to create a wonderful sound! It’s magical.

Jane, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

Got 2 sing provides an opportunity to SING OUT LOUD. All in a non competitive and fun atmosphere and is a great way to make new friends.

Everyone is so friendly and Beth is brilliant, with a gift for teaching in a fun way that really gets results. Even better – the performances have shown that other people enjoy listening as well!!

Nicky, Got 2 Sing Choir Worcester

I love it! It’s the best evening of the week and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love to sing!

Louise, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

The choir is one of the only things I do for myself. My voice is so much stronger than when I first started – I can now sing high notes! Afterwards, I always feel energised and up-lifted.

Tracey, Got 2 Sing Choir Hereford

Being part of Got 2 Sing is fantastic and the best thing I’ve ever done. It makes me feel special and valued. I love it!! It gives me some special time to share with my daughter and gets me out of the house.

Alison, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

There is no better feeling than singing as part of a group. Nailing a harmony that makes the hairs on your arms stick up is like nothing else. I arrive each week a little tired from the stresses of the week and leave elated!

Theresa, Kingswinford – Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

I look forward to practice on Thursdays and seeing the pleasure on the faces of the other members. A truly memorable and uplifting experience. The time just flies!

Carole, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

Got 2 Sing is so much more than just a choir to all of us.

Julie, Got 2 Sing Choir Telford

Great songs, fantastic opportunities to perform, fun and laughter with lots of new friends! What’s not to love!

Paula, Got 2 Sing Choir Shrewsbury

Energised and enthused by brilliant tuition, our voices strengthening week on week, our confidence growing with each and every performance. Couldn’t recommend Got 2 Sing more highly.

Sally-Ann, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

Great fun, good company, great stress-buster!

Jeanette, Got 2 Sing Choir Telford

If you want a life changing experience, join Got 2 Sing

Matt, Halesowen – Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

If you want to feel uplifted with a song in your heart and meet like-minded people you have to join Got 2 Sing!

Helen, Got 2 Sing Choir Stourbridge

When life gets you down, Got 2 Sing will lift you right back up again.

Maggie, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

If you want fun, friends and a fantastic time, join Got 2 Sing!

Brenda, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

Love singing up-tempo and up to date music. The teaching is done is such a great way – My voice has improved no end. I’ve made so many new friends at a later stage in my life. I love the fellowship.

Di, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

I enjoy singing every week – complete stress relief! There’s lots of friendly people and lots of laughter. I never thought I’d be brave enough to perform let alone enjoy it!

Sarah, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

Not only have I fulfilled my dream of belonging to a wonderful choir but the singing and performing at local events has given me a new lease of life! I am myself again. It’s given me so much confidence, my health has improved and I have gained so many like-minded friends!

Iris, Kidderminster – Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

Joining Got 2 Sing has changed my life! Singing together is fun, exciting and empowering. I love it!

Sara, Got 2 Sing Choir Worcester

A wonderful way to meet new people, and my confidence has grown tenfold!

Rachel, Hanbury – Got 2 Sing Choir Worcester

Have loved being a part of the Got 2 Sing family. Never expected to have so much fun with a great bunch of people of all ages and backgrounds. A real inspiration! Thanks Got 2 Sing

Kerry, Got 2 Sing Choir Worcester

Got 2 Sing is fun and friendly while at the same time expecting and achieving the best possible! Such a professional approach to singing – I’ve learned so much!

Hilary, Got 2 Sing Choir Worcester

The feel-good factor after an evening at Got 2 Sing is amazing! I’m always singing the songs we are learning and there are no ‘prima donnas’!

Chris, Got 2 Sing Choir Worcester

What a magnificent concert! Thank you! Last night unexpectedly resurrected a host of emotions for me and I’m so thrilled to be alive and part of Got 2 Sing. Thank you for bringing more magic into my life!

Sheila, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

Just wanted to thank you for all you are doing with the choirs. I feel that you are making a huge difference to peoples lives, you can see the difference in people each week, growing in confidence, changing and so on. I am really enjoying the performance side because we are singing songs with such powerful lyrics which can move an audience . I also think that singing in this way, as you teach it, with power and inspiration has the potential to change people physically and emotionally.

Judy – Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

“The surprise has been that the Got 2 Sing performances have transformed my presentations at work! Rather than being something to be survived with a fake smile, I feel much, much more comfortable up at the front. My presentations are clearer as a result and I’ve had some nice compliments from listeners recently. I joined Got2Sing because I’ve always wanted to learn how to sing, but there have been so many nice surprises. This is just one of them.

Sarah, Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

I cannot express how fantastic it is to be able to sing along with well known songs at the top of my voice and not annoy the neighbours (and husband). Beth instills such enthusiasm and knowledge in such a fun way which makes it a delight. I would recommend anyone who loves music to come and join us.

Christine, Stourport – Got 2 Sing Choir Bewdley

I have seen Millie grow every week and she now has a fantastic focus on life. Tonight was an amazing concert, totally inspirational!

Parent of Millie, Amblecote – Got 2 Sing Youth Choir