* How to Secure the Future *

Well… I’d love to say I have all the answers here on that one… but I don’t.

What I do know is that LOVE helps to prepare the way for us pretty well!

When I look back through my life the standout moments have been overflowing with love. Special memories with my children, moments in my garden having a cup of tea with my family, time as a child listening to my wonderful Dad sing, marrying my husband!

One of my PROUDEST moments to date was actually when I led the Got 2 Sing Youth Choir on stage at the Symphony Hall for the very first time. Love poured out of every child, audience member, choir leader, choir members… it was an unbelievable experience for everyone involved. That night shone a light of love, hope and great possibilities for the future. We still talk about it in our choir sessions now!

Got 2 Sing Youth Choir is running on Zoom, at the moment, and the children keep turning up, every week, to be part of our beautiful singing team. Although we cannot meet in person it has remained the highlight of my week.

The joy it brings to meet with those children, share time together, knowing that choir time is THEIR time, often in their room, away from the current daily household routines and activities, a chance to be silly, create, do something completely different, sing at the top of their lungs if they wish… has proven cathartic for all of them… and for me too.

SUPPORTING each other by singing together. Being together SHARING what we love. LOVE giving us hope for the future. HOPE shining a light on better days to come.

THANK YOU Got 2 Sing Youth Choir. You continue to make me SO PROUD of you every single week.

Theresa x