Denise Brownridge

PR & Marketing Co-ordinator

Denise describes herself as a crazy creative! She’s dedicated to defining and expressing the essence of the Got 2 Sing Choir brand. She creates, designs and delivers branded content across all of Got 2 Sing Choir’s marketing channels – from social media and our website, through to advertising and promotional campaigns. Writing skills and creativity are tools of the trade and Denise loves nothing more than creating vibrant, engaging material.

“A Marketeer’s job is always made easier when you know you have a great product to market. Your brand is defined by the people who experience it – so hearing comments such as ‘What an amazing thing to be part of’…….‘There really is no other choir like it for singing, the diverse range of songs and the fun, caring and incredible leaders..’…tells you that you’re part of something rather special and for me, ‘work’ truly is a pleasure!”