* Power in People *

Can you name the everyday superhero in YOUR life?
When I was a little girl… it was my brother. I looked at him and he oozed confidence like it was a superpower! And maybe it is?!

When we were growing up, I would always look up to my brother and wonder just HOW he did it! He had this air of confidence about him that just made people gather round him, made them laugh, filled them with joy, got them to believe in him AND themselves somehow, bouncing from one adventure to the next.

Even though he was my brother… I didn’t seem to have that superhero gene. I was the total opposite.
I would lose myself in my paint books and sketches. Drawing worlds to daydream in. Just me and a paint brush, dancing, in bold colours on the page. A beautiful escapism that cocooned me in fantasies far and wide.

In my 20s I realised that cocoon couldn’t last forever. That someday I would need to fly into the outside world and chase those beautiful dreams.

When I applied to be a Got 2 Sing Choir leader I had no idea just how much it would change my life. I was so nervous the first time I had to stand in front choir and dare to spread my wings. But every single smile, on every single face, that looked back at me sparked a spout of joy. A spark that now comes to mind every time I open my eyes first thing. It is a musical spring that flows right through my day.

Now… it’s my WINGS that are painted in bold colours. They are a tapestry made up of ALL my members smiles, voices, their encouragements, accompanied by the songs in all our hearts.

Members… you are my TRUE SUPERHEROES. Thank you for standing by Got 2 Sing Choir in this very difficult time. YOUR joy is our STRENGTH. We are all continuing to work as hard as we can to help support and encourage you in your time of isolation.

Thank you for believing in us.