Things Can Only Get Better.
A phrase I gladly remind myself of every single day, especially at the moment!
I was sat in my garden the other day, sipping on a lovely chai tea, watching my kids play, listening to the birds cheerfully singing their songs and I started reflecting on my own childhood, reminiscing over fond memories that I had with my own parents. One memory in particular came to mind…
I remember my Dad… Stood on a picnic table, beverage in hand, singing at the top of his lungs, “Things Can Only Get Better” by D:Ream! This was NOT like my Dad at all!… that’s probably why it stands out so much in my mind. But I remember the absolute JOY it brought to my heart. To see him like this. Full of energy, optimism and sheer delight through song. Seeing him express hope so freely. I was a teenager at the time… I guess I should have been embarrassed but I could not take my eyes off him. His hope and enthusiasm for life in that beautiful moment made me so PROUD. It still does to this day.
Family has always been the main priority in my life (my wonderful, inspiring, Mum taught me well!) and because of this ethos I enjoy extending my family to all those around me. Now a choir leader, my family is HUGE!!!! And I am utterly thankful for it.
When I look at every Got 2 Sing Choir member’s face, albeit online for now, and see the HOPE in THEIR eyes my heart bursts! All of US, as a big FAMILY, in this together, sharing and supporting each other every step of the way.
THANK YOU to every single member of Got 2 Sing Choir for being my joy, my hope, love, and life. I burst with pride EVERY time we come TOGETHER to sing in joy and hope during this unprecedented time. You are ALL amazing.

Cathy x