The Health Benefits of Singing

Singing is a great way of expressing yourself whilst having fun, but singing also provides numerous health benefits which you might not know about. All types of singing can have positive effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Whether you have an innate ability to sing or if you feel like you cannot sing, singing has been a natural activity which we all have taken part in. Studies have shown that singing can produce endorphins which are chemicals that make you feel happy and positive. Singing in a group or a choir can build your confidence whilst being able to socialise with others with the same interests.

How Singing Affects you Physically

Singing is a very good way to exercise your lungs, diaphragm and facial muscles. Regular singing can tone those organs and muscles which can benefit your heart, respiratory system and lung capacity. This can also help you sleep better because you are regularly using your throat muscles. By exercising your throat muscles, you can strengthen them to prevent snoring or sleep apnoea.

If you suffer from back pains, singing can be beneficial for improving your posture and reducing back pains. This is because singing requires correct techniques such as having good posture. The release of endorphins is a natural painkiller in your body, which strengthens your tolerance for physical pain.

Singing is also a great therapeutic activity for coping with Parkinson’s disease. Those who suffer from Parkinson’s, are often fighting depression and other emotional issues. Singing in a choir is an effective way of battling depression as it makes you feel confident, social and more positive. Performing regular breathing and vocal exercises can strengthen your vocal cords and lungs to counterbalance the effects of Parkinson’s.

How Singing Affects you Mentally & Emotionally

As singing can increase your positive feelings, it also means that your self-esteem and confidence will also be increased. Due to this, singing can be an effective method of stress relief. This activity can also be energising, especially if you are singing in a choir or a group, which makes you feel empowered and confident.

Singing is also seen as a natural anti-depressant because to the release of endorphins. The chemical creates a sense of pleasure, satisfaction and happiness.

Your mental alertness can also be improved through singing. This is because aerobic activities increase blood flow and circulation around your body. As more blood is able to reach your brain, it can improve your concentration and memory.

Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s can greatly benefit from singing in a group as music can induce emotions, which link to memories. The rhythm of music can have effective responses as it requires minimal mental processing. This means that music can easily engage people and help them with dementia.

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