HAPPY MIND, HAPPY LIFE. Easier said than done in this current situation isn’t it!

Our focus here at Got 2 Sing Choir is creating happy times for you, our precious members.

Creativity is at the heart of all we do – so our mission is to create moments of joy!

My parents are famous for this and I have learned a lot from their glass half full approach to life! Their renowned house parties are quite the thing– when not in lockdown! They go all out! Marques, barbeques, giant Twister, racing jigsaw puzzles, quiz nights, dancing in the basement… and I definitely have a memory of my Mum’s friends roller skating around the kitchen with a sarsaparilla in hand knocking into the china sideboard!! It’s a lot of planning, inviting and tidying up for sure! … “Not a bit of bother!” my Mum would often joke… so why did they do it?

Because they love to create and host happy times that their family and friends can treasure in the memory bank. Memories we can all look back on in the midst of daily struggles. Laughter that can bring a smile to our faces for the rest of our days to come. It is something I have learnt to value above all else. (I’m not saying I want to party more than anything else, especially 6 months pregnant) … But MUST share JOY.

Here at Got 2 Sing Choir we have created moments of joy – even in lockdown and hope you can agree we have lots of wonderful memories to look back on during this Summer Term. From VE DAY, THANK YOU NHS, SUMMERFEST, ONE VOICE, MURDER MYSTERY to our weekly sessions on Zoom – we are always looking to create moments of happiness.

We can’t wait to see you all very soon for the start of our new Autumn Term which is coming to you a whole month early. The new songs are simply ace and we are so looking forward to teaching them to you.

In the meantime, we wait, patiently for our spectacular return!

Beth x